About Our Fees

The fees that we assess our patients are based on the time your physician spends with you during your visit, the complexity of your medical condition, and any treatment he/she provides. But proper attention to your care also requires that your physician—or members of his/her staff—spend additional time beyond that which we spend with you in the office. Such time may be used to:

  • Create/maintain your permanent medical record.

  • Review, interpret, and document all lab test results and communicate those results—orally or in writing—to you.
  • Review current X-ray or scan reports, compare them with reports of previous scans, and, when necessary, consult with the radiologist.
  • Prepare and mail consultation reports and letters suggesting patients come in for a follow-up visit.
  • Consult via phone about your case with referring or consulting physicians or other health care providers.
  • Prepare patient educational materials.
  • Conduct medical research relevant to your case.
  • Communicate with pharmacies about your prescriptions.
  • Complete insurance applications/claim forms.
  • Draft letters of necessity to obtain medical services, instruments, or prescriptions you need.
  • Draft reports and forms, including home health care orders and nursing facility orders.

All these activities add to our cost of doing business. Still, we are committed to providing you the best possible care at the lowest cost. We hope this explanation of our fees has been helpful. We look forward to a lasting and healthy relationship with you, our patient.