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Insertion of Ports for Chemotherapy

Post-Operative Instructions

Home Care

Some minor pain is to be expected after your procedure.

You may remove the outer dressing in 48 hours to shower. (Sponge bathe if you wish.) You may have small pieces of tape (steri-strips) over your incision. These will naturally fall off over time, do not manually remove them.


You may resume a regular diet when you return home.


Please be sure to take all medications that you usually take on a regular basis. However, it would be a good idea to avoid aspirin, Motrin or Advil for five days after your operation unless prescribed or recommended by your surgeon.

Pain medication may be prescribed for you; you may take it as needed. You should avoid driving, operating heavy equipment, or potentially hazardous garden equipment while taking narcotics. Side effects of narcotics may include nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, rash, irritability, or fatigue. You may try only using some plain Tylenol for pain, or switching to Tylenol from your prescribed painkiller very soon after surgery. It is unlikely you will need painkillers for very long. This will help avoid constipation and side effects as well.


Treat the surgical site gently and take care to keep the area clean and dry when not showering.

Call the Office at (815) 717-8730

  • If you have bleeding from the surgical site that requires more than two dressing changes.
  • You develop a fever of 101° F or 38.5° C or higher following the day of surgery.
  • If you have any other problems or concerns.