Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

In spite of the many advances in the area of breast cancer, surgery is still the predominant and most effective method of treatment.

 Patients often have several surgical choices. These include breast conservation, mastectomy, and various breast reconstruction procedures. While surgery accomplishes the first and most important goal of eradicating cancer, it often leaves patients with an unacceptable cosmetic result. When breast conservation procedures are chosen, it is necessary to excise an additional healthy margin of tissue surrounding the tumor to ensure negative margins. This can result in poor cosmetic appearance such as a misshapen breast, concave deformity, nipple-areolar displacement , and asymmetry.

Oncoplastic breast surgery combines oncologic (tumor) surgery with plastic surgery techniques to improve the appearance of the breast after undergoing a breast conservation procedure. Oncoplastic techniques minimize the deformities that can result from traditional breast conservation techniques. In selected patients, oncoplastic surgery offers immediate reconstruction of lumpectomy defects using the patient’s own natural tissues. This is accomplished by combining a variety of plastic surgery techniques, including local tissue rearrangement, breast reduction, and mastopexy. Reconstruction is done at the time of tumor removal, during the same operation. Oncoplastic surgery requires careful, individualized preoperative planning to ensure optimal cancer management with the best aesthetic outcome. Our surgeons work in collaboration with plastic surgeons to ensure patients have access to the full spectrum of reconstructive options. The science of breast cancer care is advancing at a rapid pace. Our surgeons work with each patient’s multidisciplinary team to ensure optimal management of each breast cancer patient.